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I am a stress reliever for your Web and Design needs.

We pair businesses with mindful and custom design solutions for branding themself or their business. Diving deep into the understanding of who you want to be, and what your audience wants and needs are what we live for.

"You have 7 seconds to capture their attention!"

Putting yourself out there, and launching ANYTHING takes a lot of guts! We understand that can be overwhelming.  We work with business owners, bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to create effective and intuitive websites. Time translates to conversions, and we create websites that helps users linger.


Community Buzz

Christi was a huge asset to our team. She is organized and skilled in critical thinking and design research. She is well-versed in all the standard graphic design programs, and her photography skills are excellent

-Clay Stricklin, Philips

Steeped in the process of design thinking, she proved to be a welcome asset to our studio during her 6 month internship at Philips. With her drive and boundless enthusiasm, I can't recommend her enough!

-Steve Tucker, Philips

Christi is outrageously creative and smart. Working with her was a joy. Her work not only elevated my web presence, but my whole business! I can't wait to work with her again. 

-Samantha Taylor, Kismet Knits

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