2018 Year End Review

Christina Joan 2018 Year End Review


A final 2018 Year End Review?! How is it that we are already in the FINAL days of 2018?! I don’t feel like I said this in 2017. Then again, I mindfully made 2017 slow. There was a lot of healing that needed to happen in 2017. I had finally made it to the west coast, with eager promise that things would be much better. They had to be better. This was the last option. Toward the end of 2017 I had a new plan “Make small achievable goals”. I know it might seem silly to some, but it is exactly why my 2018 was so successful. Also, I was ready to grow and be uncomfortable once again. I made a vision board, and kept it on my phone.

Seattle Desinger Christina Joan Vision Board

My 2018 goals looked like this:

Apply to the Udacity Google Frontend Web Development Scholarship
Go to a few local meet ups
Apply to the Google Women in Tech Conference
Feed myself like I love myself more
Move my body more
Get more web clients
Pay some towards student loans
Collaborate with more brands
Do more Photography
Do not listen to “Constant” playlist that I created in 2017
Discover new music

As you can see they were very broad and achievable goals. I will tell you my most lighthearted goal was discovering new music. I even made you a playlist of some of the songs that I stumbled into.

Many of them were much more uplifting that the broody list I had made in 2017, and listened to it over and over and over. I found myself being open, and listening to entire playlists and genres I haven’t previously given much attention to. I also took it as a personal challenge when Spotify got snarky with me and told me that after a certain age people stop discovering new music. Like hell they do, Spotify. NOT THIS GIRL!

Some of my greatest wins of 2018 started the beginning of the first quarter of the year on the right foot! These are wins that I share with you in hopes that it either gives you a desire to chase after your goals, or gives you the courage to take that leap into the next level of your business. These are my top wins!

DISCLAIMER: Just a fair warning of transparency that some of these links might be affiliate links. If you fall in love, and decide to purchase it costs NOTHING extra for you. I, however, might receive a small kickback. You STILL win by discovering these amazing products, and I only share things I absolutely believe in!

1 Client Management Software

My site wouldn’t be live, and I would not be typing this post if I hadn’t won a giveaway from my current client management system. Around Christmas time they were hosting a giveaway for a MacBook Pro. Guys, I have worked with Macs in my industry, but I have never been able to afford one. By default I was a custom PC lover. Because of the generosity and enthusiasm Dubsado had for their clients, I was converted. I can take work ANYWHERE with me. It also gave my the fire to take my business more seriously. Of course I purchased a full year of the client management software, and I will continue to do so as long as my business is alive. You can have a free trial to play around with on your own. Fair warning, you will fall in love. Here's my link: Try Dubsado and if it further asks you for a code: thankscj

2 Creative Contracts

Taking my business more seriously also lead me into seeking someone to create a contract for me. No more of this flying by the seat of my pants risky business. Even the word contract made my eyes glaze over. I needed someone who got excited about something I was not, but knew it would save my butt over and over. The universe delivered an amazing, funny, artsy attorney… yes I did just use all of those words to describe an attorney, and she is AMAZING. Brittany Ratelle had set me up with a really amazing contract that allowed me to take on bigger clients without fear or shame. It instantly made smaller businesses respect me a little bit more. It is literally my suit of armor that keeps my business protected. If you are a Designer, Photography, Blogger, Influencer I HIGHLY recommend you buy yourself a contract or you can go soak up her genius on instagram.

3 Expand Your Knowledge

As I previously mentioned I had applied for the Google Udacity Frontend Web Development Scholarship. If you are a woman interested in tech, I HIGHLY recommend you sign up with Women Tech makers. They offer scholarships to both development classes as well as their conferences. It is an incredible opportunity to meet other women in tech, and advance your career. Not only had I made it into the first round of the scholarship, but I also made it into the second round. I also won a scholarship to go to their Women Techmakers Conference. Can I just say, Google is a VERY awesome and amazing company. 

4 Find Community

Now when it came to meet ups, I had only made it to two this year. The fact I am a work from home mom is a miracle in itself, so I am incredibly proud of the events I had strategically chosen to go to. The first was Elle Luna’s book release “Your Story is Your Power” held in downtown Seattle at the Riveter. It is not only a beautiful book, but also a deeply healing book. It was fun being in a room filled with no one I knew, but we were brought together by a mutual love.

Awesome with Alison

By far, my most favorite meet up was the Awesome with Alison Podcast Tour. Color me completely surprised when I heard she was coming to Seattle. I got to meet some seriously amazing women volunteering for the event. Wait, did you just say you don’t know who she is?! For those who haven’t had the pleasure, allow me to tell you about this unicorn rainbow gem. She is a female POWERHOUSE entrepreneur. She does a podcast with her husband, and teaches businesses on turning their life passions into a business. Her energy is pure white light. She is as genuine and bubbly in person as her personality is online. Her wisdom hit deep. She is every bit of star fire energy I need in life. I am a pretty calm even keel person. My humor is sharp and deep. Alison? She is amazing. Seriously, if you aren’t listening to her podcast, why? She has some seriously life and biznaz knowledge. She is also really freaking fun to follow on instagram.

Y'all, if I could wrap this more perfectly into a bow I would. You can seriously boil all of these wins down to one common thing, and apply it to your life. It's all about action. Taking small steps toward your goal. It's getting yourself out of the wishing and dreaming phase. I know most of us get filled with the fear "What if I fail"? So? Then you know it wasn't for you, or maybe it was for you, but you had fun doing it or you had fun growing and learning about yourself.

I took small steps all year. If I covered EVERYTHING that I learned, and tried this year we would be here for awhile. Follow me on instagram. You will see. There is always some small sort of action whether it is working on a client website, or creating a craft with my son. I hope 2019 brings you everything you desire. Now go make an achievable and realistic list! Anything you accomplish after is a bonus!


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