Christina Joan

Artist, Designer, & Life Force

If I were to be so formal...

My mind is a bridge between worlds.

In the logic zone you will find my love for coding, strategy, research, identifying patterns, planning, organization, and my deep insight into a user's mind and psychology.

In the creative zone you will see that I enjoy bringing color to OZ, creative problem solving using innovation to find answers, energy, and the occasional whimsy. 

Savannah College of Art and Design Logo

2016- BFA Communications Design & Minor Mobile and Interactive Design Savannah College of Art and Design

Google Udacity Scholarship Recipient

2018- Frontend Web Development Scholarship

Headshot of Christina Joan covered in a foil fringe coat surrounded by neon lights.

Magic follows me wherever I go...

From childhood, where my thumb was a valuable photo asset, to the deep influences of nature meets cybernetics, my artistic odyssey has been a journey of collision between moody shadows and vibrant bursts of light, much like the nature diversity found here in the Pacific Northwest. Picture the convergence of Dr. Strange's reality warping – my creations are a canvas-bound exploration, where the dark and the bright dance in a kaleidoscope of extraordinary.

In the midst of this cosmic exploration, my my color coded water bottle stands as my steadfast companion, grounding me in the creative process. Lost in the otherworldly embrace of my art, each piece tells a story of relentless exploration and learning, where clever intuition weaves a narrative that defies convention.

A former band nerd turned gym enthusiast, my artistic playlist spans Ludovico and Mozart's when I long to romanticize life to the upbeat rhythms of EDM. If my art hosted a party, Leonardo DaVinci and Nikola Tesla would be my esteemed guests whose combination of art meets science, would transcend time and space.

As an artist and a lover of nature, particularly bees, I see beyond the tangible, acting as a seer who captures the essence of emotions and stories. I unveil hidden landscapes of the soul and translate the intangible into tangible masterpieces. Join me in a world where the clever meets the intuitive, and art becomes a journey through kaleidoscopic wonders, offering glimpses into the profound and the sublime. 

Woman flexing biceps after workout.