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Life is multifaceted, juicy, and ever changing. What you can expect to find in this blog is a celebration of life & learning. Sometimes you might learn about code, and sometimes you might find ways to expand your child's creativity. It's like the grocery store, take what you need. 

Resilience is the Key to Success

By Christina Taylor

Resilience is the Key to Success Everyone asks this question at one point of time or another. What is the key to success? The key to success is resilience. That ability to get back up after you have fallen on your face. That ability to be one of those squats rubber bands that just don’t…

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The 100 Day Project Week 1

By Christina Taylor

The 100 Day Project Week 1 The 100 Day Project Earlier this week I had announced my participation in The 100 Day Project. The subject that I have chosen to cover over the next 100 Days are Rainbows and Sunshine. The first week has gone amazingly due to planning and taking action toward success. My…

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The 100 Day Project

By Christina Taylor

The 100 Day Project My first year of the 100 Day Project, I had chosen 100 days of Christi’s Joy. I would find one thing in the day that brought me joy, and then I would sketch it. Since it was my first year, there was no set rules beyond that. I used a variety…

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My Journey with Psychology

By Christina Taylor | March 11, 2017

Psychology is something that I constantly use in my design from how my color choices with affect my users to what my users are looking for while navigating a website. It is a muscle that I have exercised since I was a kid. It runs in my blood through my mom’s side of the family.…

Tools to Face Your Fears

By Christina Taylor | August 27, 2016

I’m sure my tribe have been following the photographs, but I know many of them want to hear the story. I’ve been dreaming about the WA area long before a name was put to it, and then several years after I game my dream a name with a destination. It’s been an absolutely unreal ride.…

Christina Joan Web Designer Creative Sensory Play

Pinterest Win

By Christina Taylor | June 12, 2016

A Pool of Noodles An Explosion of Sensory Play Pinterest win. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes you find that unicorn in a gold mine, and it comes out perfect. Well today was just one of those winning days. Sometimes papa travels for work, and mama and wild cherub get to stay home…

Christina Joan Web Designer Creative

5 Ways to Stay Creative

By Christina Taylor | April 30, 2016

5 Ways to Stay Creative What is creative? Being creative involves imagination. It also involves making something. Now, you may here people say “Oh, I’m not creative.” There’s a great chance that they are, they’re just using tools that are different than their neighbor. If you’re interested in growing you or your child’s imagination, hang…

SCAD Career Fair 2016

By Christina Taylor | February 20, 2016

I must admit, I’ve been obsessing about being the best of the best since I’ve started my dream of attending SCAD. I didn’t really know what I was requesting of myself or the universe when I set out on that particular mission. I also wasn’t aware of how much talent and brilliance I’d end up…