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Design Student to Business Owner

Client Management Tips for Design Students

I saw you in college. Your eyes shimmering with tenacity. When a classmate asked you what you wanted to do after graduation, you proudly said out loud, “I want to work for myself.”

I listened, and attempted to quell my own disbelief in myself. “You’ve got guts, kid,” would be something I said in my head all while trying not to eavesdrop. I knew for sure I wanted nothing more than to work corporate, until I needed the option to freelance or own my own business.

I don’t ever recall learning that in depth what it would be like to run my own business in college. Sure, they had a class where you make up a business, make your own stationary, write a proposal, and pitch it to the class. It just didn’t catch the breadth of what it was REALLY like to own your business, much less how to streamline it, and let it run efficiently.

Dubsado was my saving grace when it came to these things. I’m going to cover the things I loathed and hated most about managing my own business. Then I’m going to counter balance it with how Dubsado flipped it and reversed it.

I am not a secretary.

When I got a lead from my site, I would write down their information in a notebook. If I was a proper secretary I would keep an address book, but I was just starting out.

If someone visits my site, they will see a lead capture form. It gathers all the information I need: name/ email/ phone, and it automatically saves in my Dubsado. That way when I am sending an email or a form, their information is automatically inputed into that form or email. Never will your brain betray you and call Mr. Pots Mrs. Robinson by accident… at least in the Dubsado world.

I am not paid to chase money.

Let me be clear, I am paid to do a job. I'm not paid to chase down money I earned like some sort of beggar. No one needs to beg to be paid for a job they've done, or have that awkward song and dance about how you were supposed to pay me, but didn’t because you forgot. How about the fact that I have to remind myself to remind you at the beginning of every month, you need to pay me for service your website for the month.

I have programmed my Dubsado to chase my clients and their invoices. I quite literally don’t have the brain space to make it my job to chase them down. When the first of the month rolls around invoices are automatically sent out. If they haven’t paid their invoice yet, they get an automatic reminder email. You also have the freedom to break up a project into a payment schedule.

I am the Mad Many Hatter.

Well, I meant when I first started out. The thought of having to draft a solid contract made my eyes glaze over. I have no idea where to keep all the information and forms my client fills out. Dropbox? Do I use spreadsheets? What if a client falls through, and backs out?

Dubsado has been my sanity saver. They have some incredibly SOLID sample contracts. I would still have an attorney go over a sample contract and see what is or isn’t relevant to your or missing. For the person just getting started, these contracts are solid and legit.

I also have a Client Portal now. Once a client becomes active, all their forms, contracts, and invoices live in the happy portal land where not only can you see it, but also they can log in to check on it. It makes you look AND feel SUPER legit… Well that’s because you are, now.


I shared some of my favorite reasons why Dubsado is my super secret sauce to business. You learned this without acquiring another bill of student debt, at least from me. You’re welcome.

Full transparency if you try Dubsado, love it, and sign up using my link and code I get a small choir of angels rejoicing and a small kickback for sharing free knowledge.

If you have any more questions, and want to know more you can try out Dubsado for free! Your first few clients are free. I think any student or business starter could greatly benefit from that generosity. If you choose to sign up you get 20% off your first month with my code: thankscj

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