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Marcus Gullen- Orlando Musician

Marcus Gullen is a talented Orlando musician who has recently released his first recorded album. After his father passed away, Marcus had given up music. When he began to play again, he felt closer to his father's memory. He now write music to connect with crowds to bring them closer together.

Marcus is seeking professional branding that can carry into his over all identity as a musician. He is also seeking a website design that compliments the album artwork for his newest album release "Peace'd Together".




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Orlando Musician Marcus Gullen Music Mood Board

Creating the Brand

When Marcus Gullen had approached me for his design, he wanted something sophisticated, clean, modern. After listening to Marcus Gullen's Music his music has the ability to travel across genre's. He is a musician with magnetic energy, and I wanted to translate that into the building of his brand.

Being that his sound translates across genres, and applies to such a wide audience, the words that came to me were timeless & classic. This made me think of Madmen and all their vintage color combos. The color combos were complex and intriguing. What we chose for his brand was not only pulled from his existing CD cover, but also trends of today. It was a combination of a cross generational CLASSIC!