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Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability, affecting most people at one point of time or another. Spinal Compass was created by Steve Dine MDT PT whose research is deeply rooted in the foundations of the McKenzie Method. This physical therapist uses a compass to identify and treat back pain.

Spinal Compass is a brand and website aimed to offer non surgical solutions to back pain through Mechanical Inceptions. Spinal Compass believes that you don't have to live with back pain, and that with the right spinal Preference Maneuvers you can cause Centralization of the pain, and turn it off. their target market are healthcare professionals, business employers, and business employees.

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MDT PT Steve Dine Spinal Compass Logo

Building the Brand

Anything medically related can cause an instant reaction of stress and tension. Chances are some of the people who are visiting spinal compass are looking for pain relief. We wanted to trigger a soothing action much like icy hot. Blue is an incredibly calming &  healing color. Psychologically blue lets the viewer know that who they are interacting with is reliable. Blue builds trust. This is the foundation of our color palette.

When it came to building the logo, the owner wanted to incorporate "Divine Design". The Vetruvian Man exemplifies perfect design. We are not meant to live in pain. Spinal Compass wants to help patients get their life back, and feel whole. The Compass is everything that Spinal Compass practices. We are aiming for centralization and pain relief. The direction of pain and movement are what guides the compass to achieve Functional Recovery of Disc Design.

Building the Website

This client is just about every designer's dream. They came in clear & focused on who they are & what they needed. They had the copy that they were seeking. They just needed someone who design the website & break down the information into digestible portions.

That is MY FAVORITE thing to do, create a system of information to be consumed in digestible portions. This website isn't just for medical professionals, it's also for companies and employees. I often hear people absorbing new information say, "It's like drinking from a water hose." Yes! That's why we want to use wire frames, user journeys, and visual design to help guide people through this enlightenment. The goal was to create a web page that people could stop, digest, and pick up from where they left off.

Spinal Compass Icon Design