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Vimco Wellness



Package Design

Vimco Wellness is a company, proudly manufactured in the USA, whose products use high quality ingredients to enhance and improve their customer's health and vitality.  Their product benefits range from improving focus, relieving bloat, supporting immunity, and aging gracefully.

Virta- Screen Free Coding


Toy Creation

Toy User Research

Toy Testing

Branding Strategy 

Logo + Packaging Design

Website Design

Virta is a wooden based toy that teaches children from the ages 3+ the most basic foundations of code. The toy leverages open ended play in a way that there is no one way to play. From color recognition, pattern play, and learning how to take directions, Virta teaches a child's mind to learn code.

Spinal Compass




Logo Design

Web Design

User Experience

Spinal Compass is a brand and website aimed to offer non surgical solutions to back pain through Mechanical Inceptions. Spinal Compass believes that you don't have to live with back pain, and that with the right spinal Preference Maneuvers you can cause Centralization of the pain, and turn it off. their target market are healthcare professionals, business employers, and business employees.