Corn Mosaic

Corn Mosaic Fine Motor Craft

Corn Mosaic Supplies: Corn Kernels Liquid Watercolor / Food Dye Vinegar Construction Paper Glue Small Tongs Extend the Play: If you are finding that your little one doesn’t want to sit still for your project; I recommend adding large shapes for them to fill. I am absolutely in LOVE with Rad & Happy Color Happy. It…

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Preschool Spider Craft

Kwik Stix Spider Craft

Kwik Stix Spider Craft Supplies: Paper plate Kwik Stix Glitter Glue Self stick googlie eyes Pipe Cleaners Hole Punch Scissors   Extend the Play: We have been reading a spider book from the library that he has had great fun with. You can find it at your library or Spiders By Elise Gravel. During our craft…

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