The 100 Day Project Week 1

The 100 Day Project Week 1

The 100 Day Project

Earlier this week I had announced my participation in The 100 Day Project. The subject that I have chosen to cover over the next 100 Days are Rainbows and Sunshine. The first week has gone amazingly due to planning and taking action toward success.

My reasoning behind choosing the subject I have is multifaceted. I was watching an IGTV episode of Gary Vee, and he had nailed it perfectly. We are living in a time where it seems that the darkness and negative voices on the internet are amplified above love and light. It is something that I have personally noticed, myself. To the point of greatly reducing my time online. That being said, if I am on the internet, I want to be contributing in a positive and edifying way.

A goal of mine is to create some sort of emotional reaction for my viewers on the positive spectrum. Feedback from the community has proven that it is effective whether triggering memories or just that seeing the pieces make them happy. Put out into the world what you’d like to see in the world.

Previously mentioned, I have also planned for the success of the first week, and I’d like to keep that same forward momentum.

My process:

  • Start with a concept
  • Research
  • Create a mood board
  • Create concept sketches
  • Sketch in procreate
  • Work from a limited color palette
  • Create final version in procreate
  • Review previous pieces, and further tie them in together

I had counted my very first sunshine illustration as part of the concept phase for the first 5 suns. The way I created her was a mixture of tools learned in art school, and the other parts were learned in Rad & Happy Doodling Class. She set the tone for kicking the week of on a joyful note. This sunshine is happy, and filled with sun puns from freckled and sun rosey cheeks, to wearing sun hats, vacationing, and full celebration of sunkissed oranges. Truth be told I could create more characters based off her. I might even revisit that later in the project.

The next week will be filled with desert magic. Taking inspirations from the desert, I will be creating the next set of art work. They will be a mixture of reality and fantasy. Rainbows in the desert are as rare as the rain it receives. I would like to use this project to acknowledge all the different ways the sun and it’s rainbow counterpart  inspires us through the world. Follow along for micro infusions of joy into your day, and share with anyone you want to have joy in their day as well. 

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