The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project

Seattle Designer Christina Joan Rainbow and Sunshine Illustration

My first year of the 100 Day Project, I had chosen 100 days of Christi’s Joy. I would find one thing in the day that brought me joy, and then I would sketch it. Since it was my first year, there was no set rules beyond that. I used a variety of apps such as Adobe Spark, Adobe Sketch, and Adobe Draw. I made it into the 60’s before I lost stride.

My second year I had a super secret account where I covered 100 Days of My Memories. It was a creative writing exercise of 100 days of memories, past lover, betrayal, highs, and lows. I had pulled out my High School yearbooks from 2001 and earlier, notes from old boyfriends, poems from my stash, and I began to curate memories. It had a TON of potential. It also did NOT make it very long. It turns out that these memories were raw once uncovered. It was one that certain memories needed a lot of healing. It is a project I would still love to finish someday. You can see one of the memories below. 

The 100 Day Project is something I have participated in the last few years, and I am wanting to do it this year as well! It is a creative community project where the goal is to work on a project for 100 days. Some choose to create a new thing for 100 days, do a long range project, and cover behind the scenes. You are truly left to your own devices and in charge of coming up with your subject. What is amazing about the project is that you have an entire creative community participating alongside you, and from all over the world.

Seattle Designer Christina Joan Blue Thong Illustration
Seattle Designer Christina Joan Swear Illustration
Seattle Designer Christina Joan Lemon llustration
Seattle Designer Christina Joan Poetry

This year, I’m hoping to be my year of redemption. The theme this year is 100 Days of Sunshine and Rainbows. The 100 Day project Facebook Group helped me narrow down my ideas. My lovely instagram community helped me choose between the final two subjects.

My Why:

The state of affairs in the world has left me both hopeful, and confused. Negativity sticks around effortlessly, but joy and happiness is something that you need to work on 10x more in order for it to stick. Joy must be renewed on a constant basis. This is my attempt to counterbalance the negativity. No, life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, but it’s good to have something in the universe to stop and smile about.

Base Goal:

Cover the journey of creating Sunshine and Rainbows for 100 days.

Ultimate Goal:

Create a Product to sell and support my efforts.

How I will succeed:

I have started planning earlier than previous years. I’ve done mind maps, word lists, and created mood boards. I have more of a plan, and an idea going in. I have also signed up for a Doodling Class with Rad & Happy, that I think will help encourage me with creative exercises.

If I get stuck:

I will not let it derail me. I will rest if I need to, and cover my journey. I will be vulnerable and open to the community about the highs and lows of a long term project. More people need to see the ebb and flow of the process. Viewers need to see all the work that goes into decision making and creating.

I’m excited to get started. I look forward into you joining the project, or at the very least following along. Your encouragement would mean the world. If you see something you like, please share it. Sharing is caring. The more eyes that see this, the more support and opportunity will come.

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