Winter Photo Illustrations

Designer Christina Joan Snow Doodle Comission

Calling all Joy Seekers & Memory Keepers!


Whether this is the first snow of the season, or you have been stuck under 5 feet since December, it hasn't been all bad. Imagine that first quiver of excitement climbing up from your toes to your nose the moment you open the curtains and you see snow. You bundle yourself and anyone else you care about, and you bound out the door like a unicorn going cloud hopping. THIS is the moment you have been waiting for ALL YEAR!

You've snapped photos, but you need a reason to print them. Together we will collaborate to turn your favorite snow photo into a printable piece to hang on your wall or turn into a card. Fill out a form to get started!

From Stark to Joy

Fresh untouched snow is beautiful, and peaceful. What if you wanted to be reminded of the joy of that snow day? What are some scenes I can add doodles of joy and enthusiasm to? Family snow portraits, furbabies, sledding in action, snowmen, landscapes, and whatever beautiful winter scene you have. 

Designer Christina Joan Snow Doodles
Designer Christina Joan Snow Doodles
Designer Christina Joan and Snowgasbord Doodles
Designer Christina Joan and Doodles

Joyful Keepsakes

They're more than just a fun doodle that sparks joy. You will want to print them, share them, gift them, and decorate with them.

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Greeting Cards

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Designer Christina Joan Snow Doodle Commissions

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